Heads up on Forthcoming Rally - Devon/Cornwall.

Port Eliot Estate Metal Detecting Rally. 

If anyone fancies attending a metal detecting rally this month in Cornwall there is one coming up on the 24th January 2015 at the Port Eliot Estate. Its open to all and payment of £15 to be paid via paypal by the 22nd of January. Details can be found on the "MDF Metal Detecting Forum" or on the organizers Facebook page "Devon and Cornwall Metal Detecting Rally's".

As with most rallies, with this one you will need a NCMD or FID card to attend.

I attended the last one back last November and was lucky enough to find a couple of silver hammered coins: Port Eliot Rally - Two Silver Hammereds.

The site is so vast there must be plenty more to be found there. Because of the size of it I never got to detect half of it, and with the possibility of a couple more fields being available the scene is set for another good rally.
Monday 12 January 2015.


  1. Hi Janner

    Beware of nutters in the bushes!

    1. I will certainly keep my eyes open John :)