Here's a very interesting read about metal detecting for gold in Zimbabwe.

Metal Detecting For Gold In Zimbabwe

Rewarded with a Silver Locket.

My best finds today with the 5p piece to show size comparison.

Today the SHMDC hosted a charity dig at Gappah Farm in Devon and with club members and some invites it was a very good turn out despite the weather first thing. Finds were slow coming but some hammered did turn up during the day.

I have not been out metal detecting for ages and really enjoyed today. Was great to be out and to meet up with members of the club again and meeting some new and old friends from around the net.

The going was tough with loads of foil turning up with every second or third signal but perseverance paid off and I was rewarded with a lovely small silver locket. Well, I think its a locket. Also had a couple of the usual copper grots and a few buttons, but I have also put up a couple of objects that seem to be a little interesting.

Top view of locket.
Side View.
Bottom View.
Sunday 23 August 2015.

Very quiet day.

After nearly six hours of metal detecting a farm today on a club dig, the above object is all I had to show for it. Not even sure of what it is. At first I thought it was a large button but after cleaning I think it maybe a furniture fitment of some kind. If anyone has any ideas I'll be happy to hear them.
Size of it is 2.5 CM.
Yes a very quiet day for me. I did have a lot of junk finds but just couldn't hit on anything decent. Overall the finds were sparse with other members but did see a nice Bull head shilling found.
As the saying goes it has to be there to find it.
Sunday 12 July 2015.

Slapton Sands Beach Session.

Contents of my finds pouch.
Up at the crack of dawn yesterday morning and headed for the beach with my detecting gear. I arrived at Slapton Sands at around 5.30am, just as the sun was peeping over the horizon and the conditions were perfect. sunny, calm and deserted. I just love that time of the morning in summer. After spending a glorious five hours detecting,  in amongst the ringpulls, bottle tops and bits of aluminium I managed to find a total of £5.13 in modern coins.

The machine I was using was my Deus which performs perfectly on this shingle beach, even right down on the waters edge all I needed to do was drop the sensitivity down a bit for quiet searching. I've become a great fan of the Full Tones program on the Deus, easy to distinguish the iron from other metals. You can see why we dig so many ringpulls and bottle tops, the ringpulls gave a nice signal with a reading of 71, a must dig, and the bottle tops a nice signal with a reading of 82, a must must dig.

There was always that hope and excitement that the next signal I dug was a gold or silver ring which never happened, but that's metal detecting isn't it, its that excitement that keeps us going.

Saturday 7 July 2015.

Love Token Find.

Silver Love Token
After a month of no metal detecting for one reason or another, I was able to get out yesterday on a club dig. We had permission to detect some fields on a farm in Cornwall. The finds we few and far between but some interesting finds did come up including a nice silver hammered found by a fellow member. My nephew had a nice medieval thimble, also a medieval horse pendant was found and a possible Saxon stirrup end. Other finds were the usual grot copper coins, buttons, buckles etc,

Myself I managed the silver love token pictured above. As you can see the details of the coin are well gone and its bent in the typically wavy fashion. Still, silver is silver and I was chuffed to find it.

Total finds for the day.

Monday 29 June 2015.