Metal Detecting Scrap.

Sunday 8 June 2014.


It seems the post below upset someone so to put the record straight and clear my name of being an un responsible detectorist I'd better make it clear as to what I'm going to do in future. Hopefully this will satisfy him.

I acknowledge that all finds of gold, silver, copper, brass, lead, in fact all materials found in the soil belong to the true landowner. The true landowner is entitled to it all and if the landowner finds it in his heart to let me have a few quid out of it that's fine and dandy by me. As God made the heaven and the earth, (I assume earth means soil), he is the true landowner so its him who is entitled to all the cash. So from now on, once a month on a Sunday,  I will take all this cash I make from metal detecting to our local church. I will throw it all up in the air and what God wants he will catch, what drops to the floor is mine............ sorted!.


Having not been able to get out detecting these last few days has given me the chance to sort out my scrap buckets. I like to clear my permissions of any trash I find for four reasons, one it helps the farmer keep his land free of the stuff, two it helps the environment, three it saves digging it up again and four it lines my pocket. You may think that small piece of lead or brass is not worth much but you will be surprised how it mounts up over time.

The rusted iron I don't bother with and ends up as hedge fodder as the price you would get for it in my opinion is not worth the hassle, that's if you can get a scrap dealer to take it off your hands in the first place. The bits of lead, copper, brass and bronze I take home and eventually sort it into individual buckets.

Why bother some of you might say, well, the price of lead at the moment is around 90p a KG, copper around £3.00 a KG, brass around £2.00 a KG. These prices can go up and down a little day to day, but hey, its free money for a bit of effort. I use luggage scales to weigh it all, those shown in the pic cost me £1.99 from one of those cheap superstores.

I still have a lot to sort through, but at the moment I have shown two pics of the lead and copper collected so far. The lead comes to just over 30 KG = £27.00 and the copper grot coins comes to 6 KG = £18.00. That's £45.00 so far with more to sort.
A handy sum to go towards a metal detecting accessory.


  1. It looks like the Internets biggest roll has picked up on this , Cannot believe that he bitches about everyone. I think he is frustrated as he is no longer any use to archeology, so he bitches at the FLO and anyone that detects

  2. Sorry that should read TROLL but as i am a detecting oik my keyboard skills are not so good lol. Last year i met up with a real Archeologist and i mentioned the trolls name. She told me that he was the most hated person in every Archeology forum , and they all read his blog just to have a real laugh

  3. Janner that made me laugh i am sure god wants you to have it all, after all he has provided you with the tools to find the goods. And the owner of the lost items is probably long gone , i guess you could put an advert in the local rag to see if anyone's great grandparents lost the odd copper or three.Ignore the Troll m8 most people do, he only has one friend and that is debatable as to whether it is a real person or his other account .

  4. ..ahaaaaaa, Hi there Anonymous, Its nice to meet another true believer.

  5. Janner, just carry on my friend. You're doing fine and you're doing right.

  6. the funny bit about the Trolls blog is the link to the laws on scrap metal , he has no idea how it works if you take a load of BT cable then expect to get asked where it came from. Take a load of dirty old lead no one cares as they can see it came from a field and not the church roof. Now where did i put my ladder lol lol

  7. Thinking about it us detectorists do more for the environment than a lot of others. He keeps going on about all the historical artifacts we 'hoink' out of the ground, yet the trash we take away from our green and pleasant land and on our beaches he never mentions. Some of us may make a few bob out of it, and why not, every penny helps in this day and age.
    Another thing, as quickly as we remove this trash local councils are piling it back with this so called green waste, contaminating the fields forever for future generations. So I may leave a small bit of rusted metal in the bottom of a hedge which will in time disappear through corrosion, just like a lot of historical artifacts will do in the fields unless we rescue them.

    So power to the detectorists, get out there and save our heritage before green waste and modern day fertilizers destroy any remaining hints of our heritage completely. There's noone else who will do it.

    Future generations will thank us for it.

  8. I see now he has pointed me to the bible with a link with regard ownership of items in the soil. This is what came up from 'Matthew 13:44':

    English Standard Version
    “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.

    Now what I want to know is did this bloke have permission to be on that field in the first place. if not, then he was breaking the law...see, everyone's at it.

  9. I was always told "God was everywhere"? On this basis why go to church Janner. What God wants, he's probably already taken, what he leaves in the soil he must have left for you to find. Praise the lord!
    Oh and one more thing. As god made us all in his own image surely this means I am just as entitled to the finds as he is?
    I love God and he loves me...he loves me sooo much he allows me to find lots and lots of ancient artefacts.
    He also saw fit to send bigoted so called Archaeologists all the way to Poland!
    One down side, God must have provided us with the idea to invent pull tabs and buttons...I hate to say it but he let the side down on that one.


  10. Exactly Jordan, good post, and before anyone accuses us of taking the Lords name in vain, he also gave us a sense of humour which I'm sure he is giggling over now.
    What's come out of this debate is its nice to finally find out who the true landowner is and we can 'hoink' away with a clear conscious.

    This reminds me of when i was a kid. Every Christmas I used to pray for a new bike. I'd kneel down beside my bed and say, "Please God, let Santa bring me a new bike", After awhile, I realized that it didn't work like this. So I went out and pinched one and prayed to God to forgive me.

  11. Matthew 19:21,27,29 Jesus said to him, If you will be perfect, go and sell that you have, … There you go Janner, from "the man" himself.

    Jordan. :)

  12. "Every Christmas I used to pray for a new bike. I'd kneel down beside my bed and say, "Please God, let Santa bring me a new bike", After awhile, I realized that it didn't work like this. So I went out and pinched one and prayed to God to forgive me".

    That made me laugh. :D


  13. So you see Mr Barford, if you want to pick on the little nitty gritty pieces of someone's posts to help in your cause of getting metal detecting banned, I suggest you look outside of your little bubble as there are more factors involved in everything we do.

  14. "God also gave man and the ability to understand the difference between right and wrong, and a free will to be able to choose," Barford writes. It's also true He gave us the ability to spell Detectorist correctly, not as Warsaw Wally originally had it. This seems rather shocking considering he's at pains to insult anyone who wields a metal detector as an ignorant 'Oik'.

    What's even more laughable is Wally's bent for Bible quotations, given his enthusiasm for, and migration to, Communist Poland where religion was outlawed, and the Secret Police rounded-up political dissidents and imprisoned them with trial. Torture was commonplace. The Secret Police also had a penchant for murdering Catholic priests. No one in their right mind ever takes Wally seriously in ANYTHING he says or does.

    It's obvious to me at least he has nothing else to do but try to create problems where none exist. He's not even an important player in the scheme of things. Ignore him! You're doing right. The fact Wally doesn't like it is...hard luck pal! Time he got a life I think.

  15. Yup John, you hit the nail on the head there where you said he has nothing else better to do but create problems where none exist. I've said before it would be better if he channeled all that energy into some of the more important problems of this world.

  16. Jeez, I've a touch of Barforditis..."the Secret Police rounded-up political dissidents and imprisoned them with trial." should read, "the Secret Police rounded-up political dissidents and imprisoned them without trial." Feel free to correct!

    BTW, his bag-carrier Nigel Swift who commits the 'Heritage Journal' blog (aka Heritage Action) is even better! Read it, then ask yourself, 'Would I want these people running the country?'

    All the best.

  17. Ah yes, that other one, I do pop over and read that blog sometimes. I can't help thinking like a few other people that its the work of the same person, even that Sylas, Silas, Silage Brown? farmer bloke sounds a bit cagey.
    I was thinking of emailing that Sil,,,Syl,,,,S....Farmer brown and asking him if I could clear all the scrap metal off his land,,,,free of charge. Of course any money I make off the deal I would split 50-50 with him,,,,80% for me, 20% for him. I like to play fair.

  18. Thats far too fair Janner, only 80%? How can you be sure "Farmer Brown" will give half his share to the man above..the true land owner?? Take the lot, that way you know exactly where all the profit is going.
    In fact I wouldnt even bother asking for permission, just get on there and hoik away according to Polski Pete thats what we all do anyhow.
    I'm only init fer the money..i have no interest in "istry" ar cor even spel it!


  19. Haha, your spelling is bad, look how you spelt 'money', everyone knows its spelt munny.

  20. I just wrote some comments on this persons "Heritage" blog (It is a post concerned with how detectorists are ruining the earth and how we have no social consience) and then started to do a little research (as they seemed a little fanatical)and ended up here. I feel sorry for these people who have nothing better to do than hate a group of people they don't know. Very sad. they should go and stand guard on some fields to make sure no bad detectorists get in there and ruin all that heritage by digging it up and selling it on e-bay. Good grief :(

    1. Yup, there's been a lot of tit for tat going on regarding archaeologists and detectorists. Hopefully one day we will all be able to work together.

  21. so that's off my route until someone's used an angle grinder Scrap Metal Sydney