Some Interesting Bits Today.

 Friday 23 May 2014.
I had a phone call from my detecting buddy last night asking how I fancy a trip to his pay farm, by pay farm I mean we pay £10 each for a days detecting. We've been there many a time and some good finds do turn up now and again. Too right I fancy it I said and we were both there at 8.30am this morning detecting until 5pm. Funny thing is my detecting buddy didn't do too good, that's the way it goes sometimes, but I was very pleased with my finds in the pic above. A few buttons, a buckle, some grot coins, musket ball, a George V Sixpence dated 1921, other bits and some good finds which I have shown below in better detail.
Above is a Queen Victoria silver threepence dated 1867 in quite good condition. I love these milled silvers and always makes my day when I find one. It was only about 3 inches deep and gave a lovelly signal.
 Now this one above I really like. Its a Guernsey 8 Doubles bronze coin dated 1868 in fantastic condition. The only cleaning I wanted to do to it was just lightly brush it with a soft toothbrush. Found that one at the bottom of a bank again not deep, about a couple of inches.

Now here on the right is a pic of another good find. Its a scouts copper ring with the dates 1857 - 1907 - 1957 on it and the letters B.P. on the top. The B.P. stands for Baden Powell, the founder of the scout movement. Very pleased with this find, it turned up on the very edge of a field close to a high hedge. A perfect place to pitch a tent for camping. This one came out at around 6-7 inches, but still gave a lovely signal.

This grotty looking coin above is I believe, and my detecting buddy agrees with me, a roman coin. Its tiny but has a bit of thickness to it. Also that green looking colour. It just looks and feels Roman. I suppose I will never know for sure as its in a very sorry state.

Really enjoyed myself today and makes a nice change to put something decent up on my blog. Long may it continue :)

 One field on this farm we call The Machinery Graveyard Field. Mainly because in a corner of this field there are a few old farm machines, all rusting away but a wonderful sight of days gone by. I took a few snaps of them with my phone camera for you to take a look at.


  1. Nice finds....wish I could get out like I used to. Have a great weekend....

  2. Thanks Dick, Have a great weekend yourself and I hope your able to get out soon.

  3. Well done Janner, That little bronze is indeed a Roman coin :)


  4. Many thanks for confirming that Jordan. That coin maybe in a sorry state but its the first Roman I've had off this site, plus its the only second Roman I've ever found and the first one was just as bad. Oh for some decent land :)