Metal Detecting Beach. Good Day Ends In Disaster.

Another visit to the same beach today, there's no sign of the sand returning yet and I had another bumper harvest. I did have a mishap though. I was a good 5 hours into it when a chap came along and stopped for a chat. I put my C.Scope CS4PI down leaning on a rock and unbeknown to me it rolled over and half the control box was dipped in a small rock pool. When we finished chatting I bent down to pick my machine up and that's when I noticed it. Water was running out the jack socket. It powers up but with no sound now. I have it drying out in a warm room and hoping, I know its a long shot, that its fine in the morning.
I was using my C.Scope today because yesterday evening as I went to charge my battery up on my Velox One the actual charger burnt out, as I switched it on there was a little puff of smoke, a smell of burning and a heat blister appeared on the charger. I'm waiting to here from Nokta on that one.There is still some charge left on the velox so I am not without a machine at the mo. Plus I always have my trusty Ace 250 to fall back on.
Anyway, that's the bad news, the good news was that I had another good day (before my mishap). Managed to find another 92 coins and some other bits that I was pleased with.Total finds are shown in the top photo. I was hoping to smash my total coins record of 97 which I found a couple of days ago but it wasn't to be.

A lot of decimal and old pennies and halfpennies turned up again, but I found two firsts from this beach. A lovely half crown dated 1948 in the center and a silver threepence dated 1922 above it.. Also pictured are 2 x one shilling and 7 x sixpences.

I was very pleased with the cap badge of the Royal Engineers. A lead sportsman minus his head and a foot. A tiny silver cross and a tiny Torquay charm marked silver on the back. Also a black cat brooch.

I'm just wondering what I can bribe my missus with this time to have another crack tomorrow. As the sand is still off its a shame to waste the oppertunity so fingers crossed.


  1. Betting the water did not do much damage... At least hoping so.

    1. I installed the batteries this morning. My C.Scope did power up, but no sound. I'll give it one more day drying out time and then consider getting it repaired.