Beach Metal Detecting At Its Best.

What a day, I hit our local beach again today, taking advantage of the stripped sand after the recent storms. I was rewarded with my best day ever on this beach. Right from the off I was finding coins left right and center. In total I recovered 97 coins, some decimal and a lot more pre-decimal than usual. As an added bonus I winkled out 4 rings, 3 are silver and very tarnished and the goldy looking one is possibly a brass toe ring.

The 4 rings, uncleaned but for a bit of warm water and a light tooth brushing. The bottom ring I can see ?25 mark on it, I assume its 925. can't see anything on the other 3 yet.

A selection of old pennies and half pennies. Some of them are in quite good nick really. There's a Queen Victoria veil head penny in the center and top left is a young Queen Victoria bun head penny with a hole through it. Everything was scattered all over, there were no low spots, seems the entire beach is a low spot.
At first I started off experimenting with the settings on my Velox. Ended up with my favourite settings of Ground Balance at 6, Iron Disc at 10, Sensitivity at 10, Iron Off and in Mineral 3. As I said before at these settings, because the Sensitivity is high it is a bit noisy with snaps, crackles and pops, but the good targets can be heard easily through the chatter

A few more pre-decimal coins - 5 florins, 4 shillings, 6 sixpences, 1 thruppeny bit, 3 farthings.

Some of the other finds. Fishing gear, an old key, couple of buttons, some spoons, shells.

On the end of the middle spoon is this mark GR, with a crown above which I will research later. 

Another very enjoyable day again, I was there about 6 hours and was forced off by the rising tide. Love to go back again tomorrow for another crack.
As the saying goes....Make Hay While The Sun Shines.

This stripped beach is quite an attraction for the locals, I've never seen it so baron of sand before and chatting to the local people who live there they have never seen it so stripped of sand. People were everywhere taking photos and videoing and interested in what I was doing and what I had found. Gawd knows how many people I have converted into metal detectorists.
My recent regular trips to this beach have brought me into contact with a wide range of people. I suppose you call them Sand Larks. Some are scouring the beach for drift wood, to make craft items, others are looking for small bits of coloured glass that are well worn by the action of the sea. Others are just curious as to see what's washed up. Goes to show that there is still that gather hunter feelings in all of us.


  1. Nice finds¡¡ Thank you for share it with us

    1. Thank you Topocaster.
      Looking at your site it looks like you have had a very good day yourself. So thank you for sharing your finds.