Couple of hours today on Bovisand beach

Managed to get out for two hours beach detecting today. Same beach as yesterday but because of the low tide time and the fact that I have to go to work later this afternoon there was not much of a window for me. But you know the feeling, just have to try it. Mind you, I say two hours detecting, take away an hour chatting to fellow detectorists here and there I must have only detected for an hour, but was an interesting day swapping stories with the two chaps I met.

As you see in the photos the white water was gushing in on a strong wind. The tide was taking ages to drop because of the wave surge, soon as you thought it was out a couple of hundred yards,,, woosh, a wave would wash right up the beach again. So I was confined to the top of the beach for safety reasons. Again today the sand was all gone, but I know this tiny beach has been done to death over the years as the slim pickings showed. In that hour I did manage to winkle out 5 coins, as shown, in very bad condition. Two pre-decimal pennies there and a half penny, a grotty 1p and a 1927 sixpence in bad shape. Still, I never came away empty handed, I took my CS4PI hoping to get out onto the wet sand but as I say, the wave surges stopped that.

***UPDATE***....After putting today's finds up on the MDF Metal Detecting Forum a keen eyed  fellow detectorist informed me that the sixpence above looks fake, and to test it just hold it and with a little pressure to see if it would snap in half. This I did, and low and behold, it just snapped in half. I couldn't believe it lol. Apparently it was made with layer upon layer of silver paper compressed in a machine. Another chap put up a link about this
Oh well, best I got out of today was a great bit of knowledge, one is never too old to learn.

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