Four hour coin shoot - 42 coins.

I had a very enjoyable afternoon coin shooting today. Used my Velox One with standard coil. Didn't expect so many finds as I have been to this area a few times. It was either because the ground has had a good soaking or because of my Velox One detector as I have never used it over this area before, but most likely a combination of the two. Bit disappointed mind there was no silvers found. Also the same ages come out, still not found anything really old there yet.
But all in all you can't beat a bit of coin shooting. All together 42 coins.
£3.71 in decimal.

4 pennies - 1961,  1936, 1938, 1906.
4 half pennies - 1952, 1951, 1941, 1931.
2 threepenny bits - 1941, 1942.
One shilling - 1954.

A housing estate surrounds this site built in the early 50,s, the age of the coins fits in with this date.
Most of these coins were found on a very steep bank on pasture and I'm sure they were losses from kids and adults sledging down the slope in winter over the years. At the bottom of the slope it levels off but it was hard work there on the level, shredded cans from grass cutting machines was the problem, scattered everywhere.

Ok the silvers eluded me but a fun day and want to get back there again soon for another session.

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