Another couple of hours again today.

Tried a different tactic today by putting the small standard coil back on the Ace 250. The reason being it would be a lot better detecting in amongst the trees and shrubs. Wow it felt so tiny on the end but a lot lighter.
A load of bullet shells came up again and it seemed my law of averages of if I dig 10 shells I will dig at least 1 coin. All told I dug 3 coins, two halfpennies and a thrupenny bit, also managed a musket ball and a bullet. It was hard work today bending and crouching under trees and bushes but you just have to try these places.

It didn't rain this afternoon hardly but I had another problem of the cows. On my mind was how cows have been known to stampede over people and there have been a few deaths so while they were around I kept my eye on them.

Roll on a day off to do some proper detecting, couple of hours here and there bugs me, just as you get into it its time to come home. But I suppose a couple of hours is better than nothing.


  1. Some great finds! Be sure to go back and hit that place, gotta be more!

    1. Cheers Ozarks,
      I'm up early today and will be working for a couple of hours later, but I intend to return to this spot after I finish. Will be able to get a few hours in. There just has to be silvers there. This time I'm returning with my Nokta Velox One with the standard coil fitted and see how it goes.