Slapton Sands Revisited.

I had another go at Slapton Sands this morning. Arrived just as it started to get light and I had the whole beach to myself. Started off down at the waters edge at first but as I wasn't getting much luck decided to move up onto the dry for a bit of coin shooting. Managed to winkle out 43 coins in total, all decimal amounting to £11.96. I was there for about 4 hours before I had to head back, Shame really as it was a glorious day and would have liked to have spent longer. Still, I was happy with my finds, always fun coin shooting.

A couple of shots of the beach in both directions. Not a soul to be seen. Mind you, when I left there was quite a few people around. Knew there would be as it was a bank holiday and the weather was lovely.

My total finds of £11.96. Some of those coins look as if they were dropped yesterday while others had been there for some time. Dug loads of trash again. The top of the beach seems littered with ally light fittings. The trash must be left over from the war as Slapton Sands was used for the D-Day training and I can imagine there being lots of tents with lights strewn between them. I thought there would be more military buttons etc, but only ever found a couple of buttons there. Also the lack of pre-decimal coinage, all I can think of is because its a very loose shingle beach the finds have sunk too deep for the machine to pick up.

The settings I used on my Velox One because of all the trash were iron off and discrim all the way round to 10. That way I was able to keep the sensitivity on 9. Moving very slowly it was easy to pick out the good signals.

<----I thought this photo was cute. I came across it and just had to snap it. A mini Stonehenge by the looks of it.

That 's what I love about this hobby, it gets you out and about and you spot some lovely things. Take that butterfly, as I sat on a rock for a break at the top of the beach it landed on a flower right in front of me so I quickly grabbed my phone and took the shot.

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