Rewarded with a Silver Locket.

My best finds today with the 5p piece to show size comparison.

Today the SHMDC hosted a charity dig at Gappah Farm in Devon and with club members and some invites it was a very good turn out despite the weather first thing. Finds were slow coming but some hammered did turn up during the day.

I have not been out metal detecting for ages and really enjoyed today. Was great to be out and to meet up with members of the club again and meeting some new and old friends from around the net.

The going was tough with loads of foil turning up with every second or third signal but perseverance paid off and I was rewarded with a lovely small silver locket. Well, I think its a locket. Also had a couple of the usual copper grots and a few buttons, but I have also put up a couple of objects that seem to be a little interesting.

Top view of locket.
Side View.
Bottom View.
Sunday 23 August 2015.


  1. Nice find...does the locket open?

    Can not imagine living in the UK with all it's history. Makes every find one to ponder and research.....

    1. Cheers Dick. I did try to open it but it won't budge, am scared to use too much force.

  2. Good too see you back Janner, wondered where you had got too. Great finds them, that locked is really nice.


  3. Glad to be back thanks Andy. Boy I missed it :)

  4. Nice locket, find.

    My father and I are hoping soon, to trade in our 2 x Garrett Euroace and 2 x Cscope 4pi for 2 of the following:

    XP Deus, 11" coil, WS4 headphones, but no remote (coz were

    Actually, may keep the PI machines, as not much beats them on the wet sand.....Even though i've found absolutely nothing!

    Well, unless you include approx 20p in clad, foil, more foil, and even more

    wanna swap some 'vintage' foil for that locket? lol.

    Nice one mate.

    Keep up the good work


  5. thanks for your sharing, it is really great, great article, great pictures and great finds.

  6. cool findings!
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