Metal Detecting Rally.

metal detecting rally
Detectorists gather for a chat before the off.

Yesterday I attended a metal detecting rally organized by our club the SHMDC. It was lovely detecting weather with some glorious scenery and a great bunch of fellow enthusiasts. I just love these gatherings before the start of a dig as everyone is excited and full of anticipation of what they might find. It was also great to put some faces to names I often see on the internet.

Once we had paid and all booked in we had a briefing on what fields we could detect in. There was a good choice of ploughed and pasture. My first choice after the briefing was to head straight for the ploughed. After an hour or so on the ploughed and not finding anything that usual niggling  thought jump in my head. The thought that says 'that next field looks more promising'. And so that's how it went on for me, it was always the next field. During my field hopping I was bumping into fellow detectorists and asking them if they found anything. The finds coming up seemed to be mostly buttons and grot copper coins, I had found a few myself, but I was shown a lovely George VI half crown from one, and a Vikky shilling from another. So some decent stuff was being found and that always keeps my motivation going.
metal detecting finds
A pic of my finds for the day.
As you can see from the above pic I didn't find anything mind blowing, but I made finds and I'm always happy just finding anything. A few buttons there, a musket ball, three grot copper coins, £1.10 in decimal, and a very worn unrecognisable silver coin. So in the end I did find a silver, just wish it had some detail on.

At 3pm I had to call it a day as I had work early evening and back at the carpark I learn't of all the good stuff that had been found. About five hammered were found as well as other interesting coins, some milled silver , some lovely buckles, a silver ring and bracelet. So great finds were made around me it was just the case of I didn't walk over any of it.                                      

On the day permission was granted on a neighbouring farm for another rally in the near future. So will be looking forward to that.
Monday 18 May 2015.

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