Few hours at the beach.

metal detecting beach finds
My metal detecting beach finds today.

Some say that the XP Deus is not very good at the beach on the wet sand, some say it is. Really it boils down to individual beaches as all beaches are different. Take my local beach its a fine sandy beach that's very flat. On this beach my Deus is not very good on the wet compact sand. Yet I visited Slapton Sands yesterday for a few hours, about an hours drive from me and the Deus works excellent there on the wet sand right down on the low water mark. Slapton Sands is a completely different beach from my local one as its a very steep beach, also its a shingle beach. My theory is because of the steepness and larger sand grains Slapton beach drains more easily thus enabling a metal detector to perform without problems. Yesterday I was detecting right down at the low water mark in the Deus-Fast program as I would on land.

Okay I didn't find much, whats needed is a good storm to churn this beach up. Most of the finds above came out of the top dry shingle where people sunbathed. The coins are all modern decimal apart from a ship halfpenny. I did find a very tiny coin that stumped me until I returned home, where I discovered it was a Polish 1 Grosz, dated 2006.

I suppose I can claim a 'first' for me. A Pigeon Ring, first one I have ever found on a beach.

I'm seriously thinking about getting a PI machine for beach detecting, the C.Scope CS4PI. I bought a second hand one before but damaged it. Me thinks I better do some overtime in work and get another one.
Thursday 21 May 2015.


  1. I have just got a second hand cs4pi and am getting some use on Torbay's beaches.So far I have got a handful of decimals , a dog whistle, fishing weight and a toy train, and I'm loving it! Keep up the god work , your blog is really interesting and useful. NICK.

    1. Hi there Nick. Glad to hear your enjoying your cs4pi and making some finds. You sound quite a lot like me, even though it is nice to find a bit of gold or silver, as long as something is coming up its fun and enough to keep you interested..
      Happy Hunting,