Valletta Convention.

Have you ever heard of  'The Valletta Convention on the protection of the Archaeological Heritage'
I never, but this morning I have, and its not good reading for the future of our hobby of metal detecting. If you ever wondered where a ban for our hobby of metal detecting may come from, it could be from this.

As the author of a blog post I came across puts it:
Should the ‘Valletta Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage’ be elevated from ‘convention’ status to become law in the UK, the hobby of metal detecting along with amateur archaeology, will be snuffed out overnight forever. 

European Jack-Boots...A Warning! You Are Next! 

You can read about this Valletta Convention by clicking the link above.
Friday 17 April 2015.


  1. This is the 23-year old Valletta Convention, a revision of the 1969 London one? Is that the one you mean?

    The one that when Britain became a party to, they debated the issues and refused to adopt Art 3 and instead set up the PAS for finders to report finds to AVOID introducing article 3? That Valletta convention?

    Tell me, the Convention is called the 'European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage (Revised)' - is the protection of the archaeological heritage not something we (public and the sector of it "passionately interested in the past") should be supporting?

    The Revised Convention has 18 articles, do you reject every single one of the (and therefore the Convention itself) or just the one you imagine threatens your hobby? In what way is the convention as a whole allegedly "jackboots" any more than a "Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms" or the "Convention on the protection of the European Communities' financial interests" to tackle fraud?

    This seems a very odd reaction to a Convention which protects the very thing most metal detectorists say they themselves are working to protect. Or do you not believe your own myth?

    1. I've only just come across this Velletta Convention article and being a Bazza Thugwit I need time to digest it. Its a very interesting article and one which should be shared with those that don't know it exists, as I like to share all articles relating to our wonderful hobby of metal detecting.

  2. “In what way could little fat men with metal detectors become “qualified persons” if the PAS was issuing the authorisations?” how that that 'thing' from Warsaw describes on his piss-poor blog hobbyists in relation to the Valletta Convention.

    What a buffoon. What a bonus for archaeology! Hahahah!

    John 'Bazza Thugwit' Howland

    Treasure Hunter

  3. Hi Janner:

    Well that plan of his went tits up!

    He hates it when he's ignored...then again, who's he to demand anything from anyone? Just a pisspoor blogger aching to be on the world stage as a major player! What a sad, talent-free blogger.

    He's no problem, but it's always worth looking at the people who espouse his Commie garbage, though in my opinion others are using him and letting him take the flak.

    John 'Bazza Thugwit' Howland