St. George's Day nets me four Georges.

First of all Happy St. Georges Day all. I had a brill day myself out metal detecting for five hours and as luck would have it I dug four different Georges. George II, George III, George V and a George VI, plus Victoria and Elizabeth II, making six different Monarchs in all. All together I dug 29 copper coins, mostly halfpennies and managed to winkle out one silver sixpence. Some of the older copper coins had some good detail and with a light clean I was able to get the dates. Dug some cheap jewellery that looks nice but not the real thing. Also some other bits and pieces making for a happy busy session.

This is the George V sixpence I dug today (50% silver). Dated 1921. After finding all those copper coins I just knew there must be a silver somewhere and towards the end of my dig I was rewarded with this one in splendid condition.

Here are the oldest and best of the copper coins, Two George II halfpennies c. 1727-1760, George III halfpenny dated 1807 and penny dated 1807, Victoria halfpenny dated 1853 and penny dated 1858. It was nice to find these with some good detail on as normally they come up grotty as hell.

Some bits of cheap jewellery. The military badge is of the East Surrey Regiment which I'm pleased with, will clean that one up.

Yup, I enjoyed myself today. After owning the Deus now for just over a year I've finally settled on a program I like. I've used various settings I've copied from around the net but always revert back to this one I used today. If anyone reading has the Deus and wonder what settings I use I have outlined them below:

When I arrive on site I switch on and go into the Deus-Fast program.
In the Deus-Fast program I go on Full Tones.
Drop the Discrimination right down to 0.
Turn the Sensitivity right up to 99.
I then Ground Balance using Tracking.
Everything else I leave as factory Pre-Set.

The above settings can be a little noisy but I don't mind that, I like to hear all that is under me. I find the iron low tones and the higher good tones easy to tell apart. I only dig on the good higher tones if the numbers show 25 or over, anything under 25 I leave. I always dig a faint tone which don't show any numbers as these are possibly good targets just on the edge of the detecting range, they are the deep targets.
Thursday 23 April 2015.

***UPDATE***(Saturday 25 April 2015)

After having doubts about the above pendant just being a cheap piece of jewellery I posted it up on the MDF Metal Detecting Forum and low and behold it turns out to be a  silver Jerusalem Cross Pendant. Its not complete, but it turns out its a far better find than I thought. I'm happy with that :).


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    1. Hi, Some good products you have there. I've linked to your site and wish you all the best with it.