Club dig, nothing great in the finds pouch.

It was great to be out in the open fields again today, great company, lovely weather, fresh air and exercise. Just wish my finds pouch reflected the same. Still, I did have some finds including a brill toy car, wheels still go around. Nice big bullet and I rather like that tiny buckle. The three copper coins are a George V penny dated 1920, a William III halfpenny dated 1701 and a mystery one.
This King William III would have been a very good find if it was in better condition. But alas, so faded and worn its pretty much worthless.
Sunday 19 April 2015.


  1. Hey, Nice bullet, Janner. Your bad days are WAY better than my best

    My father and I just got the C.Scope CS4PI, as our Ace 250s were going a bit crazy at the beach, but learning more and more were are, also a learning a LOT more from your site and blog etc...well done mate.


    1. Cheers Matthew. Just keep pecking away at it matey, those finds will soon start to come.

  2. That mate. Went out yesterday with my father and took out CS4PIs out for their second only run.....holy xxxx they go DEEP!
    Found a lot of lead, 3 1p coins and my father has much the same, but "The Coin master" as I always call him beat me by finding a single 20p laying on top of the sand! lol.

    One of the coins I dug was easily14-18 inches.

    We are both amazed how awesome these machines are.

    cheers mate & good luck on your next hunt.
    Myself and my Father look forward to reading how your hunts go.


    1. Yep, they sure are deep machines. Beach hunting can be very good if you catch it right, like after a storm where most of the sand gets stripped off the beach.
      Happy Hunting.