Cleaned a few metal detecting finds.

Please note any cleaning of metal detecting finds can seriously reduce their values, so think carefully about how you tackle your cleaning.

Due to work and working silly hours at silly o' clock I've not been out detecting for a while now. All I've done hobby wise is cleaned a few objects I've found. To be honest most of the objects looked better before I cleaned them. Maybe I went to far by taking them back to their base metals thus removing that old look. After this episode I strongly urge you to think again about such drastic cleaning.
On the other hand there might be a few of you who think the items look better cleaned so harshly, we all have our preferences.

The first pic above shows some military badges and buttons I cleaned. Of all the objects I cleaned I like these the most. Cleaned back to the base metals clearly shows a lot of detail I couldn't see before.

Now these buckles I'm not to sure of. When I first cleaned them I thought wow, lovely, but as I looked at them more they seemed to look to new. That old look had gone and am now wishing I never cleaned them so harshly.

Also these odds and ends I wished I had left as they were. Totally ruined that thimble and bronze ring. That Victorian medal looked a lot better when I had it just cleaned with soap and water.

Also I do like these bullets and cartridge cleaned back, really transforms them. It also looks impressive putting the bullet into a cartridge. I know that's not the right cartridge for the bullet, but it sure looks a good talking point when left on the mantelpiece when visitors pop round.

Sunday 5 April 2015.


  1. Always a tough decision for sure. All things considered I think you did a great job.

  2. Thanks Dick. I suppose it boils down to personal choice how far to clean one's finds.