Is this a Snake Buckle?

Couldn't resist popping out today for a bit of detecting as it was such a nice day. Managed four hours in a wooded area local to me and enjoyed the few finds I made. Okay, not much to get excited about but I'm sure I've dug a snake buckle. I've always wanted one of these but this one doesn't seem to have much detail on like some I have seen.
Looks like a snake doesn't it, or is it my eyes wishing it to be.

Another mystery find was this Goat object on the right here. I think its a goat. The handle seems to be made of bronze but the shank seems to be iron which is rusting away. I'm thinking something like a letter opener but really have not got a clue.

Below is my total finds for today. Those military badges must have looked good in their day, sadly all bent and buckled now.
Also dug another hand grenade bottom, couple of buckles, couple of grot copper coins and a couple of decimal coins.

Tuesday 10 March 2015.

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