Poor day find wise.

Total finds for the day: A Plymouth Dog Training Club badge, two buckles, a bag seal, some grot coins and what looks like an ornate drawer fitting.

Out with my Nephew yesterday to one of his permissions. I've been with him to this site before and have never done well find wise there. As I really didn't have anywhere else to go I tagged along with him as the last time he visited this site alone he dug a couple of nice milled silvers,

But alas, it wasn't to be, finds were few and far between and at the end of the day all I had to show for it was the above. My Nephew didn't do much better, just one of those days where you have to remember that a bad day detecting is still better than a good day in work.

I did better in work this morning with eyes only finds. We have one of those Coin Master change machines and I'm always checking it for any foreign coins that get rejected. They normally end up in the waste bin thrown there by customers. Well this morning on passing I found five quarter dollar coins and a one cent coin. Okay, the quarters are post 1964 so no silver content but I just like to collect them.

Monday 2 February 2015.

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