Hapless day's hunting.

Today's finds: Modern large 5p, modern 1p, a musket ball and three buttons.

Arrived at our club dig this morning and started detecting at 9.30am. At 2pm I was on my way home. Nothing was coming out and once the rain set in my spirits were soon gone as myself and my equipment got covered in mud.. I did hear of a couple of nice finds from fellow detectorists, but for the majority it never happened.

There you go, that's metal detecting for you. As it says on the top of this page, its not all gold and silver. Off now to log into the detecting forums and drool over the decent finds that must have been found around the country. 
Roll on the next hunt :).

Just got this from our club's site. One member had this lovely Roman turn up today. Hadrian early second century silver Daneri. Well done that chap.

'oooooh, to find one like this, I live in hope.

Sunday 22 February 2014.


  1. It's all about the anticipation, the hope and the fun.

  2. So I keep reminding myself Dick :)