Candle holders complete with wall brackets.

Squeezed in another four hours this morning at the military camp site determined to find a silver coin. It didn't happen and I found mostly the same sort of stuff, shells and grot coins.
A couple of different finds did turn up mind. Take a look at the candle holders haha...bit different. I dug all the parts in a 3 foot square area.

The usual shells and grot coins with some large chunks of lead. Also dug 4 musket balls and a tobacco tin.
Below are a couple of pictures of two finds which I never brought home. The large pick-axe head was just too big and heavy to carry around and the live round too dangerous. They were both disposed of sensibly.
Friday 6 February 2015.


  1. Are you finding live ammunition?

    1. Yes on this occasion I found the live round pictured. Live blanks are more commonly found. The last time I took live rounds into the police station I just got the impression I was wasting their time and inconveniencing them, so now I re-bury them well beyond detecting range in an out of way place.

  2. Wow, that would scare me. Be careful please....