Surprise Find In My Trash Pouch. Lost WWII Sweetheart Locket.

Clearing out my trash pouch this morning from yesterdays charity club dig on a WWII U.S. army camp I came across what I thought was a button. The pic above shows it along side a penny for size comparison. I remember digging it and thought I could see some detail on it, I could also see some gold gilding still remaining. So popped it in my pouch to check out later. I'd forgotten all about it until I came across it this morning.
It was when I started to clean it up to see what detail pattern was on it that I noticed it had a sort of tiny hinge on one side. After closer inspection I could see a seam running around the edge and realized then it was a sort of locket. I carefully put my finger nail in the tiny groove and without much pressure it popped open but came away from the lid.

I instantly saw a face peering at me. As you can see its a photo of two people, a young woman and slightly out of the view another person, not sure if male or female. I'm sure the photo has slid more to one side. They seem to be wearing uniforms and to me sure looks like the 1940s.

 This has to be a lost WWII soldier's locket, I expect that's his sweetheart in the photo. At first I thought wow!", what a find, but then felt gutted for the person who had lost it. Maybe that other person in the photo is the soldier who lost it..... I suppose we'll never know.

Monday 8 December 2014.

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