Metal Detectorists on TV....

Get your popcorn in, the long awaited TV comedy series ,'Detectorists' starts tomorrow night, Thursday 2nd October, 10pm on BBC 4. This article from The Express newspaper sums it up nicely.....

Detectorists: The treasure hunters digging up a fortune

..... Known as detectorists, their hobby is occasionally thrust into the spotlight when a valuable hoard is found, and is now the subject of a new BBC 4 comedy starring Mackenzie Crook.

......The programme has divided the metal detecting community. Some hope it will raise the profile of their hobby and encourage fresh blood.......

.....Others however, including the leader of its national organisation, fear the sitcom will expose them to ridicule......

..... But the new comedy hasn’t been greeted with universal warmth and the BBC was denied help when it sought the assistance of the National Council for Metal Detecting.

I'm looking forward to watching it myself. So what if we do look a bit Geeky in the series. Other hobbies get the Micky Monkey taken out of them, this time its our turn. At the end of the day if you can't laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at.
Bring it on I say.

Watch the full episode here on YOUTUBE...


  1. Its on utube here>

    1. Thanks for that link. It was great to watch it again.