Armchair Archaeology.

Here's an interesting news article showing armchair archaeology at its best. I've often looked at google images myself, normally just before a planned dig when I have the info on the fields we are able to go on. Its always worth a scan to see if there are any signs of human inhabitation, building lines, footpaths/trackways, etc. Well this fellow Devonian struck lucky and discovered a Bronze Age settlement which has turned up 5,000 year old pottery and flint tools. 

I like the way he approached his research as he quoted, 'Night after night I looked at Google Earth asking myself the question, ‘if I was alive 3,000 years ago where would I live’. ‘I would need food, water, shelter, close to Dartmoor for minerals, close to a river to access the sea and trade routes.
‘After a few weeks I put an “X marks the spot” on the map - that was where I would live.


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