The nearly perfect day.

 Saturday 9 August 2014.
A perfect day weather wise, in a perfect location, with perfect company, on perfect fields, all that was missing were some perfect finds. Still, four out of five ain't bad.
I was out with our metal detecting club today on a church site that was once a village. All that remains of the village is the church. I did hear that the plague wiped it out.  It was my first time there but the club have had the site for a few years and apparently some good finds have come off it. The finds today were few and far between for everyone though. All I saw and heard of were mostly grot coins and buttons. I did see a nice old thimble found by my nephew, and another member found a broken spur, apart from that, I've yet to hear of anything else of interest.
All in all though it was a great day out, the anticipation of some great finds were high because of the great history of the site and the great conditions, but at the end of the day that's metal detecting for you. It was also an excellent opportunity to try out a couple of different programs on my Deus
I was just happy I had a chance to detect on a site like this, who knows, may get another chance at it in the future.

Above is all I dug of any interest. Five Tombac buttons, a lead pistol ball, a tiny buckle and a grot coin.
I made a fool of myself early on with that button on the far right above. Ten minutes after setting my gear up I had a lovely signal and on turning the first spade full over I noticed a small round silvery disc and I could see markings on it. On picking it up and wiping it a bit I let out a shout 'HAMMY'. A member a few yards away then shouts "FIRST HAMMY FOUND". Another member then shouts, "WHO FOUND IT". Someone shouts "JANNER DID". Now a couple of members start making their way over to have a look at it while I'm showing it to the member that was close to me. He looks at it and says, "Sorry to say this, but its a button"...EH! I says, and haves another good look at it. Sure enough it was a button. Then the shout went up, "FALSE ALARM...FALSE ALARM.... I felt a right prat, its my eyes you see plus I was excited.
Take a look at the close up of the button below, wouldn't you have thought it was a Hammy in the excitement of the moment........ okay, I'm a prat :)

While we were waiting for the briefing we were having a drool over the first perfect ploughed and rolled field and were all eager to get on it. I've only ever experienced a field like this once before. Never found anything of interest off that one either.

Below is a pic of the old church, now standing all alone in the middle of fields. We were allowed to detect in all those fields around the church as well as three large rolled and ploughed fields.
That's the problem when you have so much land to detect and only a day to do it in. For some reason the next field always looks better than the one your in and you end up field hopping.

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