Niece's first time with her new Garret Ace 250.

Tuesday 19 August 2014.
Staying on the subject of the Ace 250, I have a niece who has always showed an interest in all things old and recently said she'd like to take up the hobby of metal detecting. Yesterday I went over to see her to give her some advice on her new machine she had just bought, a Garret Ace 250. She asked back along what a good starter machine would be and I recommended the Ace 250. When I arrived at her house she had it all set up and ready to go. I thought she could watch the training DVD and read the instruction book at her leisure and the best thing was to take this little beauty out and show her what it can do.

We went to my local site where I have found quite a few old pennies, halfpennies, thruppeny bits, and even the odd silver. After explaining and showing her the different signals with some test objects and coins I set the Ace on all metal mode with full sensitivity and we dug every signal at first to show her the different tones and what sort of object these tones turned out to be. After 20 minutes of trash coming up I had our first decent find, a penny dated 1920, 'YES' I thought, I was praying we'd find at lease one coin. This was enough to wet her appetite. I asked her if she wanted a go now but she said no carry on, "I'm watching how you swing and dig", I thought what a great pupil and she was taking it all in and asking questions.
I carried on and it wasn't too long until I had that nice DING DING signal again that the Ace sings out on a possible decent target. Dug it, and low and behold it was a thruppeny bit dated 1942. She was well excited and I was too. Still she wanted me to carry on for a bit which I didn't mind as I was finding stuff. Some more finds came and after about an hour and 8 coins later I gave her back her machine and said its your turn.

The 10 coins I dug, 4 pennies, two ship halfpennies, a thruppeny bit and 3 decimal coins.

Now hows this for jammy, she took the machine off me, put it to the ground, swung a few times and there it was again, that DING DING. She dug and up pops a thruppeny bit. Within two minutes of her first try with a metal detector she found a coin. I could see it in her face that she was now hooked on this hobby. Her confidence increased and when we had to call it a day which was just after 2 hours she had a total of 8 coins. An old penny, thruppeny bit, 2x£1, 3x2p and 1x1p. She was so chuffed as I was that she had found something on her very first time in the hobby. Hope her luck continues, but I told her there will be many days where all you will find is trash,  so expect them, accept them and try not to get disheartened.

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