A run out with my Garret Ace 250.

Tuesday 19 August 2014.
After my little spell with my niece's Garret Ace 250 yesterday I realized just how much I missed mine. So this morning I lobbed it in my car and went to a site I've been to a number of times. Though I have never had anything really old from this site I couldn't remember if I had gone over it with my Ace 250. Still, it was a good challenge to see if I could winkle anything out. My 13" Ultimate coil was fitted to my Ace, in fact, this coil has never been off it since I bought the coil nearly two years ago.

Coins from this morning. The half crown, penny, thruppeny bit, shilling and halfpenny came from the same hole.

The first hour nothing but trash. But then, just off the edge of a footpath I had a really nice DING DING. That's either another cartridge or deff a coin I thought. I dug down one spadeful, about 4-5 inches. I was a bit off with my pinpointing because as I cleared out the loose soil and tried to find the target with my pinpointer I discovered it was just half way down in the side of the hole. After knocking some loose soil from the edge of the hole I spotted the target and could make out 3 coins. I thought what an in-situ photo that would make and took that pic with my phone. I pulled the coins out and discovered there were four. After taking that other photo of the four coins I put them away and filled the hole in. But just to make sure nothing else was in the hole I swept my coil over it and heard another DING DING. Well I'm blowed I thought and dug another coin, an Elizebeth II half crown. A nice little pre-decimal coin spill consisting of a half crown, a shilling, a thruppeny bit, a penny and a half penny. Totaling 3s.10d and a halfpenny, if I remember rightly. From then on I did find another penny and £1.03p in decimal.

For the last hour I moved into a wooded area. Either it was a battleground in there or the hunting was good. I dug all those cartridges, bullets and musket balls. Some of the musket balls were splattered where they must have hit something.

Really enjoyed the 3 hours I spent with my Ace this morning, somehow it just felt so much easier detecting,. One thing it did remind me of was why I bought the Deus, the weight, even in those short hours with the big coil on I noticed the weight issue and my right arm and shoulder was telling me so. OH!, and the Deus being cordless is an added bonus.


  1. I do not understand why we are not seeing more cordless detectors. I know that it's more costly but how much more can it be? Maybe I just don't understand. Lightweight, cordless and one knob is what I am looking for.

    1. I expect other manufactures are looking at designing a lightweight and cordless machine, watch the price of the Deus drop then.