A dose of lead poisoning.

Thursday 21 August 2014.
After finding a few lead musket balls last Tuesday I returned to the same area today with my Deus for a few hours. What did I find, more lead musket balls, all those pictured above.  The place just seems to be littered in them. Some are nice and round and some all splattered. The signal numbers they were giving off ranged from between 80-85 so I just had to dig them. I like to keep the round ones, the splattered ones are ok for my lead scrap bucket. The only other finds I had were that grot penny and a EPNS spoon.

I stopped for a ciggy break during the session and turned my Deus off.  On rebooting it I found I had no sound coming from my WS4 headphones. I remember it happening on the dig before but it righted itself after a minute or two. This time it never, totally dead, so had to carry on with the speaker on.
At home later I emailed Crawfords Metal Detectors who I bought the Deus from and explained what had happened. Within a quarter of an hour I had an email back saying its covered under the warranty and if I would send it back to them they will sort it out. Hows that for service, excellent. So that's my first job in the morning.

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