XP Deus 3.2 on the Deus Fast Program.

Wednesday 23 July 2014.
Yesterday I built my little test garden and had a great time playing about with different settings on my Deus. My plan today was to go out and try a couple of programs I had saved to see how they perform out in the wilds and to write about how good, or bad they were. Well, the site I went to was a place I have done a couple of times and to be honest I forgot how contaminated the site was. Full of rubbish from bits of cans to foil to lots of iron. A few half decent finds had come from there but it's an ear bashing experience with signals all over the place and the inclination is to get away from it as soon as possible.  The couple of programs I was going to use today failed miserably because of all the contamination. Thinking about it those couple of programs will be more useful on quieter ground as they were set for greater depth with no discrimination and as maximum sensitivity as possible.

At first I felt a bit gutted but thought oh well, I'm here now may as well do a bit. I think the playing around with the different settings yesterday paid off as during the testing I saw how good the Deus Fast program was, I remember placing a coin touching a piece of small iron and the Deus picked up the coin no problem and it was easy to tell the different sounds from a good target and a bad one. Even when a bad target gave a good signal a quick peek at the numbers showed it to be bad. With this in mind I set my Deus on the Deus Fast program, set the ground balance and began detecting.

Believe me it was noisy, bad signals and good signals all over the place, most of the good signals were reading very low on the control panel which turned out to be bits of canslaw. I dug a few at first to make sure these low numbers were trash. So I made a decision, any good sounding target with a low reading number I left. I did find a predecimal sixpence with a reading of 55, so I set a minimum number of 50, anything sounding good and reading 50 or over I dug.

Looking at my finds in the above picture I thought I did good for the 3 hours I was there, and keeping in mind I had been over this area a couple of times before. The recovery speed in the Deus Fast program is great and will keep it in mind for other contaminated sites in future.

There is nothing really old in the picture above, a few old copper pennies and half pennies from the 40s, three sixpences, a shilling and a two shilling,  but did find the interesting Token below.
Pobjoy Mint - Priority Collectors Register - Silver Jubilee - 1977.
Copper-Nickel Token.

I'm planning a beach trip tomorrow to try out my new programs. In the tests I did I was picking up a 1820 silver 6d at just over 10", an old penny at a foot easy. So it will be good to test these couple of programs up on the dry loose shingle. I will post how I get on and what settings I used.

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