Looking for a good read?.....

Friday 27 June 2014.

 Popped out again this morning for a couple of hours and all I could find were some decimal coins and a button,,, oh, and what I thought was a musket ball but turned out to be a fishing weight.
I really need some new land, the oldest thing on this land every time I go there is me.


Looking for a good read?....
If I'm not out detecting and I have a bit of time on my hands, one thing I love doing is surfing the net looking at different metal detecting sites and blogs. Always something new and interesting to look at and read and I always come away with a bit more knowledge.

Earlier this week I added another link to my 'Other Blogs and Websites I Like to Visit' column on the right hand side of this page. The link I am referring to is entitled, 'Past Times and Present Tension', a blog by John Hooker.

Every day for the last few days John  has been writing a series of posts he calls, 'In Praise of Metal Detecting'. There are 9 posts on this subject so far and I believe he is writing number 10 today which will complete the series.

I found the posts very interesting and believe you will too. For those who have not read John's posts I share the link to his blog with you here: PAST TIMES AND PRESENT TENSION.


  1. John's series is excellent and he is fair and honest when it comes to our pastime. I have become a big fan and will be recommending him to my old pal in Warsaw.

  2. It is indeed an excellent series that John has just written. I have to admit it came just in time for me as I was starting to tar all archaeologists with the same brush, thinking they were all anti metal detecting. But John's series has shown me that it is possible for detectorists and archaeologists to work together along with the PAS. I really must stop reading these negative anti-detecting sites. I can see now that the writers of these sites have only their own ends in mind and not whats good for our heritage. In fact, I feel better now about the future of metal detecting.