Coin Shooting The Beach.

Thursday 12 June 2014.

After battling dense shrub and insects on my last dig I fancied a change today and decided to hit the beach for some coin shooting. I kicked off at 7am and spent 5 hours detecting in perfect sunshine. It was glorious and spent the whole time up on the dry sand. Total sum winkled out for my metal detecting challenge was £8.09.

The nearest I got to gold was the gold coloured fountain pen in the pic below. It was just laying on the surface. Also pictured is an Elizabeth II Sixpence dated 1954, that was the only pre-decimal coin to come up.


  1. And with that in mind, here's one for Silas Browne, those who say they want to go after 'nighthawks' and the thoughtless clown who sells artifacts for melting down as scrap and says "God lets me": I THINK THIS AS****E MEANS YOU!

    Whereas you sell scrap, legally found and in agreement with your landowner, always remember, this as****e sold his soul to communism and emigrated to Poland at a time when Poles where fighting to throw off the yoke of communism. To many people that amounts to treachery..being a traitor and selling on'es country down the river, is unforgivable. You don't need to take any shit off this twat....I wouldn't urinate over him if he was on fire, nor over any of the the scumbags that espouse his rancid, and bankrupt cause.

    Archaeology must, presumably, be clapping their hands that they have such a vocal, and high-profile idiot supporting their cause to put this hobby out of business.


    John H

  2. That's the bit I can't get my head round. Here's a bloke, ranting and raving how we should do this and that in the UK and he don't even live here.. Clean your own front doorstep I say.

  3. Nice lot there j i have been doing the beach last week with scratcher i hav had 7 rings two were plats 22 grams and two gold
    Ian had 2 plats about the same weights and some gold as well all from the same beach with plenty of coins been there in the dark one night there were 7 of us there well nuts now on the beaches people are there in the dark in droves.One night there were 5 from a club down here on the beach in Plymouth said they were in the Torbay club.

  4. Cheers Chris, Sounds like you and Scratcher have both done really well and night detecting seems to be the in thing lately. Must try it myself again.

  5. Yes it seems to be Scratcher was out last night i did not go my self will out tonight.

  6. Hope you did ok. I bought a headlamp months ago for night detecting and have not used it yet. As it happened I changed my job and now work into the night, but thinking of swapping my shift to finish earlier at 11pm, that would suit me better for a bit of beach night detecting.