Victorian Gothic Florin.

Wednesday 11 June 2014.
Total finds: £2.12 in decimal, 3xold pennies, 1xhalfpenny, Victorian Florin, a 1924 sixpence, tiny silver pig charm, and a silver earring.

I was out metal detecting again this morning with a return visit to that overgrown trackway I detected last time I was out. It was hard going again, what with four foot high nettles, brambles, roots and those pesky insects,  but here and there I was finding clearer patches where I could swing my coil.

It was quite a good morning for me, I managed to winkle out some decimal coins which will go into my challenge fund, some grot copper coins for my scrap bucket and four pieces of silver which I like to keep.
I'm having a problem dating that large silver coin as its so worn, I'm sure its a Victorian Florin but will put it up on the MDF Metal Detecting Forum to try and get a positive ID on it.

The large silver coin I'm not sure about but will update when I get a positive ID on it. The smaller coin is a George V Sixpence dated 1924.
 A better coin than I thought, it has been ID'd as a Victorian Gothic Florin.
 Date Era: 1852.
Hard to tell actual date due to it being so worn.

Below a silver earring and a silver pig charm.
When I first dug the ear ring I knew i had seen that symbol before somewhere and it had been bugging me all day. Tonight I did a bit of surfing on the net and found out it is the Yin and Yang symbol which you can read about here...


  1. Nice put me to shame with how often you get out.

    1. Cheers Dick. I am lucky to be able to get out detecting most days as I seem to have organized my life around metal detecting. Well, sort of organized, it just turned out this way.

  2. Hi Janner, your large silver is a gothic viccy florin, hard to date due to wear. Cracking find


    1. Many thanks Andy. I've just put it up on a forum for ID, and then seen your post. You are right by the looks of it as I have just googled Gothic Victorian Florin and yes it seems to be the one.

  3. Hi Janner:

    Great find indeed. It looks like the '1854 Gothic Florin' - the point and angle of her chin gives it away.

  4. Thanks John, A handy bit of info there regarding her chin. Something for me to study further.