XP Deus Coil Problem.

 Thursday 8 May 2014
Since I bought my Deus 3.2 I've been having that problem of the coil battery indicator showing the charge is around half charged even though the coil is fully charged. This problem has been well talked about on the MDF metal detecting forum and the answer that was given often was to re-download the 3.2 version from the XP site. I finally got around to doing it this morning, been putting it off as I was a bit nervous about attempting it, all this tekky stuff is a bit much for an old fart like me. Anyway, I gave it a go and am now wondering what I was afraid of. It was so so simple just taking a few minutes. The step by step guide on the XP site was easy and clear. As I said, it only took a few minutes and once the download was complete the problem was solved, the indicator showed the coil was fully charged.

After doing that I was pleased as punch with myself and as I was now in a tekky mood I set up a new program on my remote control. Those of you that know the Deus know that it comes with 10 preset factory programs and space for another 8 programs that you can create yourself. The new program I set up in the remote control I found somewhere on the internet and copied it as I liked the sound of it. This was also simple to do as the person who created it gave a good step by step guide.

Now with all this new tekky knowledge I just had to test it so put on my water proofs as it was heavy drizzle out and headed to my usual haunt. Was only out for a couple of hours and on return home the coil battery indicator was still showing fully charged so was happy with that. As regards to the new program I didn't see much difference but will try it again when I'm out on some better land that I have not done to death.

That's what I found above in the pic, I suppose I was lucky to even find that really. Buckle, wheel shape, ship halfpenny and 3x2p. None of it was deep but the new program sure did make it easy to tell the iron from a good find. I'm keeping my eyes open now for some really deep programs as I now know how to set them up.

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