George V Florin Today. 1922.

 Sunday 4 May 2014
Just got back from a detecting trip to a farm I had never been on before and I'll tell you what, it will be a long time till I go back there again. The fields were all contaminated with trash. Can tops and foil were the worst I have ever seen in a field. Now at first I thought it was that new green waste we read about, but these are all pasture fields and all the trash was around 4-6 inches deep and was just  loads and loads of foil, small pieces to large piece and  loads of can tops, was awful. Totally wiped me out all that digging and I left unusually early for me.

Still, just had to try it, you never know till your there. The funny thing was I found the  florin above within 15 minutes of starting in the first field. I set up, started detecting, first two signals were foil, then the florin turned up. I thought wow, going to be a good day. Six hours later nothing else but a grot coin so badly worn was not worth showing. The florin is a George V dated 1922. I'm happy with it as its a half decent find, but boy, those fields were an experience.


  1. Hi J have you been on chelston medows some crap you have there.

  2. ...haha, certainly looks like it don't it Chris :) What a field that was. Thinking about it a lot of the foil was like those foil trays pies come in, and ready meals, and because of all the can tops and similar trash maybe there was a pop festival there, hippies from the 60s. If it was they didn't lose much :)