My Hunt This Morning.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

A four hour hunt this morning landed me the finds above. The area I found that lot was at the very end of the field and sloped down very steep. I've worked it before and remember now why I never have worked it since.  Its a very uncomfortable hunt. I was straining most of the time to try and keep upright which is very tiring. But what got me thinking about this steep slope was the number of locals who must have been sledging down that slope in winters past as its quite close to an estate that was built just after the war. So my thinking was that there could be a few losses there. I was right, within one minute of setting my Deus up my very first target I dug was an old penny quickly followed by a old halfpenny. The place is littered in trash, some areas were just sounding off all over and I dug my fare share of bits of canslaw, silver paper, bottle tops, etc. By working slowly and with the help of the numbers on the remote matching signals I was able to wiggle out some finds. Nothing spectacular, but well worth another visit there.

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