Few finds today, nothing great but all good fun.

Tuesday 6 May 2014
I wanted to go to a beach today as the weather forecast was good but after checking the tide times I settled on a bit of land detecting. The only place I could go was my usual haunt, nothing old ever comes up there but I always manage to find something. After my last trip on a contaminated farm I just wanted to find something, anything, just as long as I was digging something but trash. Well, I spent 5 hours today on an old site of mine and dug some bits that you could call trash, but it was recognizable trash. Mind you the spends come in handy, a total of £4.66, that's my snacks in work from the vending machine sorted.

Also in the pic above are some grot coins but they are so far gone with no deteail. The rest are junky finds but I like to put them in to show any new comer to the hobby what to expect to find with their metal detectors. There's an old penknife, a dog tag, a key, zippo lighter, couple of bullet casings, top of a razor, button, Readers Digest badge, and a plain lead disc....exciting stuff eh, but was fun.

Took a photo of this broken Ginger Beer bottle I spotted in a ditch. It just brought back memories of when I used to dig old Victorian rubbish dumps many years ago. Gawd, made me a bit sad really as I had a fantastic collection of Ginger Beer bottles, all local to Plymouth. This one you can see it says Plymouth on it, and I know for a fact its a Furgusons brewed ginger beer bottle.
I had a good look around the area thinking there may be an old tip there somewhere. Found some more stoneware bits and glass but was well scattered. So keep that in mind as your out detecting, if ever you come across broken bits of china and glass its quite possible there is an old dump and worth a look. You will be surprised what you can find in these old dumps, as well as bottles there's pot lids, dolls heads and lots of other keepsake things, an all new hobby is dump digging.

 Now, do anyone recognize this object in the pic to the left here. I have dug a few of these and never have known what they are. There was a lot of army training in the area during the war and I've dug countless bullets, some live and I can't help thinking this is ordnance/military connected. Certainly heavy and the size of my palm.

Today I just used the one programe, Deus Fast and the only tweaking I done was to put it on Full Tones, the rest were factory settings with the ground balance on Tracking. At first all the different programes frightened me, but as I go on I'm finding it easy and am learning the machine well.
Just wish I could find something decent but as the saying goes, you have to walk over it to find it.

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