Buried Hoard of Gold Free For All.

Thursday 29 May 2014.
I just had to put this recent story up in the wake of the debate regarding who owns what etc. After reading it you will see what our  system is like compared to another part of the world.
This newspaper story is from Bangkok in Thailand and is about a landowner there who was preparing his land along with other workers to plant Palm trees when they came across a hoard of buried gold. As the news of the find spread there was a gold rush from people from nearby villages rushing to dig a share of the gold.

Note how the police couldn't do anything and the landowner had to just step back and let them dig for a couple of days until they could find no more gold. Authorities said the gold treasure dug up from the ground was considered national property, so people who found it should hand it in to the department, which would pay one-third of the value, which was expected to be at least 10 times higher than the market price for gold. It was up to the people who found it whether they wanted to give the gold to the department or not.

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