A thought on the Archie vs Tekky war.

This is just a thought I've had after coming across a snippet on a site while surfing the net. Now I have said before, one of the reasons why I think archaeologists don't like detectorists is because they see us as a threat to their jobs and future.  Archaeologists have had it all their own way for many years, they were the only ones mostly to find artifacts, coins, etc, and add to our heritage. Since the hobby of metal detecting kicked off that has all changed, detectorists now add just as much, if not more to our heritage. Don't get me wrong, noone likes a threat to their future and I can understand them going on the defensive. We all would if it was happening to our own future, When it was happening to me I was just told its 'progress', and had to adapt to it. Our Goverment makes cut backs, if they can come up with a plan to save money here or there, they will do it. Just look at the shake up in the benefits system recently, a lot of families are now suffering and have to adapt to the new ways, nothing they can do about it but to adapt.

Getting back to the snippet I came across. I read that English Heritage started to have their funding cut in 2010, then again for the next 4 years. Its predicted that they will have  further cuts in the coming years. Not a good sign for archaeologists.
The Ex-Gratia rewards giving to detectorists for reporting treasure finds has not changed at all. The reward has not dropped in all the years its been in operation.
Have the Goverment sat down and seen another way to save money?. After all detectorists, apart from the ex-gratia reward do it for free,,,, see where I'm coming from!.
I think some archaeologists have seen this and have now adapted to it and don't mind working alongside detectorists. Archaeologists who have yet to adapt are the ones raging at detectorists. Its not the detectorists fault is it.

As I say, just a thought I had. I know there are other reasons why archaeologists don't like detectorists. The night hawking, the none reporting of finds, not declaring what's found to the landowner are examples,,,, but responsible detectorists also condone these actions and are doing their best to make it right.


  1. Janner there are a few archaeologists whose only goal is to degrade what we do. They blog and write nothing at all useful to this lessen this divide. They are adverse to compromise or any sort of civil discourse. It's their way or the highway and I have decided the highway is best for me.

  2. If that's the case Dick I'm sure we have nothing to fear about losing our hobby. As I've been told before I ought to leave this topic alone and just concentrate on this hobby I love, but every time i come across it out there on the net I feel I just have to mention it to be able to understand why there is this divide. OK, back on the highway me thinks :)

  3. No comment.... (lost me soap box) :-D


  4. ...haha Jordan, we can soon knock you up another one :)