Slapton Sands again today.

Thursday 24 April 2014,
I've not been out detecting recently due to a bout of Pleurisy but this morning it didn't feel too bad so I went to Slapton Sands again to try my luck, just had to get a detecting fix in. But after around three hours I was in pain again so had to call it a day. All I managed to find was a few decimal coins, 50p, 4x20p, 2x1p. A fishing weight and swivel plus a few bullet shells.
Still, was very nice to get out again, I will just have to wait a bit longer to fully recover.


  1. nice to get out. hope you feel right as rain asap

  2. Cheers Detectorbloke, I look at it as those targets in the ground have been there for years, maybe hundreds of years, they can stay there for a few days more until I find them :)