Perfect Barren Fields.

They say nothing is perfect and that held true for my detecting buddy and I yesterday. We traveled to a farm where we had available to us two ploughed fields. They had been rolled and seeded but as the seed had not germinated yet we were allowed on them. Looking at them at first we thought yes, perfect detecting conditions and could not wait to get started. We could even park the car right in the first fields gateway, so once out the car and set up we were detecting. Oh, and the weather was gorgeous, everything seemed perfect.

My plan was to do this first field with the Union Jack method. All around the four edges then criss-cross from corner to corner, looking for any hot spots and really just to see what maybe around. Well, after doing the edges I think I only stopped to dig 3 signals, and that was trashy bits. Corners to corners was the same, hardly any signals to dig. After a few hours we realised we had a barren field here, really there that much trash either. We then tried the second field and that was the same. Never known fields to be so quiet, sometimes it was a pleasure to dig a bit of trash just to keep one's hand in.

So, after eight hours what did we find. Well, my detecting buddy did manage to winkle out a silver hammered coin the jammy git. That was earlier on and we thought we were in for a good hunt. I'll put up a pic of it once he takes one. He also had a couple of grot coins but nothing much else, but that Hammy made his day, would of made mine too.
Me, all I found was in the picture up there. The top first object might be a small coin weight, but I think I'm wishful thinking there. Second a watch winder, third maybe a small lead weight of some kind, and forth a buckle. Then we have six buttons and a grot penny. Boy I had to work for that little lot.
 Settings I was using were first Deus Fast and then jumped into Pitch. But ended up using the Pitch Mode with a bit of tweaking, where I went into Full Tones and zero discrimination and sensitivity at 90. Wish I used this set up right at the beginning as I loved it, the Deus felt a bit more 'sparky' and just felt better.
Still, was good to be out detecting and one of the greatest buzz's of this hobby is the anticipation of just what might come up.


  1. Ah well lovely day to get out at least. Can't win them all :)

  2. Yup too right, I've had worse days as well. I think the way to go is just to enjoy the day out doing something you like doing and if you do find something, its a bonus.