Out detecting today at last.

Tuesday 29 April 2014
Out detecting today for a good four hours on wooded pasture and managed a few finds. Just had to get out as I was going stir crazy home here. Played about with the Deus trying out different programs and all the programs I tried found something. I never tweaked any of the programs and used tracking for the ground balance. Found lots of bullet casings and the finds above in the pic. Some decimal down the right hand side. Best coin I would say was a silver sixpence dated 1936.

1899 halfpenny, 1940 halfpenny, 1929 penny, 1956 thruppeny bit, 1936 sixpence, 1955 shilling.

A junky ring and a silvery bracelet.

 There are no silver marks on the bracelet, but what I thought were scratches on closer inspection seem to be markings like I've never seen before. I've tried to capture them in the pic above. I've since found out its from ancient text that they put on some modern jewellery and after doing the spit and foil test it don't seem to be made of silver.

I think this is a lucky Chinese coin.


  1. Nice going. Good to get out :) certainly looks like a silver bracelet.

  2. Cheers Detectorbloke, I've uploaded another pic of some markings I found on the bracelet, they look like digits of something, foreign maybe.

  3. Does it pass the spit and foil test? ONe for the flo maybe as tough to date unmarked silver. As per forum post might be modern festivally type or belong to Merlin :)

  4. Cheers Chris, It was one of those days where I just had to get out, finding stuff was a bonus.

    Detectorbloke, I did the spit and foil test and nothing, not a whiff. So don't seemed to be silver, plus I don't get the feel that it is old and am more thinking as you say, like a modern trinket piece. But it was interesting to learn about the Nunic Alphabet etc, so a good lesson on ancient times.