Saved by a nice WWI Military Cap Badge.

Popped over to my usual haunt this afternoon for a few hours solely just to have some more practice on my Deus. Been reading the manual again and watched a few more videos so I wanted to put some new knowledge into practice. I'm starting to get more confident using the Deus now and am really loving this machine. I had a go at most of the programs, the only 3 programs I never had a play with was the Wet Beach, Dry Beach and the Gold Field. All the setting up, ground balancing and a bit of tweaking is falling into place, still a lot to learn, but I'm getting there.

Finds were few and far between as I have hunted this little site many many times, but as I said before, a good place to practice. Only found 3 coins, a decimal 5p and two decimal half pences, also that junk tin ring in the pic, but was saved with that nice WWI period Royal Marine Light Infantry cap badge, so something half decent to bring home.Just waiting to get on a nice farm site now to see what this machine can really do, hopefully this coming weekend.


  1. Nice find, I found my first silver thimble today. Will post it up tomorrow :) definately tempted with the deus now damn you!

  2. Looking forward to hearing about your Deus experience....

    1. Well Dick, been out for a good 5 hours today. As you can see by my post entitled D.D.Day....wasn't a very good Deus experience lol.
      As it wasn't just me I can just put this down to a bad day and soldier on.

  3. Amazing collection....
    My father is a retired army officer and he had collected three bags of badges of the US army . Its the true property which he had made for his next generation as I have heard that they can give enough money when we sell them :) LOLZzzz

  4. Sounds like your father has a cool collection there Michael. As I've said to my kids, I had the pleasure of collecting so when I pop me cloggs, sell anything of mine you don't want to keep.