Resting up.

I'm jumping really, all this fine weather we are having here and I'm giving my arm and shoulder a rest from detecting. There's a good sounding club dig tomorrow and the weather forecast is good again, but I just know if I go it will set the pain off again and I'll be back to square one as its starting to feel better today.
So while I am waiting to get my new machine, a Deus, its a good time to rest me 'ol swinging arm and restart again with a whole new machine experience.

One thing with a new machine is giving it a go over all your worked out spots. All those areas where you think you have wiggled out all the coins, will be like new permissions. With a bit of luck I will have my new machine in the first half of next week and you can bet I'll be out swinging it and hopefully putting a few finds up on here.

To all of you who are out hunting this weekend, I wish you lots of luck and finds.

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