History of Early English Coinage Re-Written by Detectorist.

An excellent news story has just been published about an ordinary chap, a joiner by trade, just out enjoying his hobby of metal detecting, where he finds a single coin that will rewrite the history of early English coinage.

You can read the article here by clicking www thestarcouk

What I liked about this story apart from the find its self was how it shows just how much metal detectorists contribute to our history. There's been a lot of bad remarks concerning detectorists lately. Yes, there is a bad element in the hobby of metal detecting. In all walks of life you usually find a bad element somewhere. So this story came at a very good time for detectorists. This chap did everything right, he had permission to be on that field where he found the coin. He recorded the find to the authorities. He even got in touch with experts.
Thanks to him we now have another piece of the puzzle concerning early English coinage.
Its possible the coin could sell for£10,000, going 50-50 with the land owner he stands to receive £5,000, nice one, but in terms of discovery and the history of the coin, well, that is just priceless.
What a find and congrats to him.


Also, another news report published today of another gold coin hoard found by detectorists.

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