Finds This Morning With My XP Deus.

Managed to get out for 4 hours this morning to give my new Deus its second outing. I spent a good couple of hours in my back garden yesterday learning the machine, so today I felt confident enough to go solo. I started off trying a few programs and ended up using the 'Pitch' program. The signals sounded like Sweep from Sooty and Sweep but the sound appealed to me. Still loads to learn and practise makes perfect as they say, but already I am liking this machine.
The site I went on has again been done to death by me but is always a good site for practising new machines as every time I go there I still find stuff, never anything old, but until I get some good sites its somewhere to go. I thought I did very well considering.
The top pic shows my total finds today. a mini mouthorgan, couple of buckles, I think that KOB is a military shoulder badge, not found out yet what it stands for, some grotty coins mainly decimal, couple of buttons, bullet heads, a tiny silver trinklet, a pigeon ring and a small horseshoe. I quite like the buckle below as never found one like it before.


  1. Hello mate

    Re 'KOB', There's a regiment called the King's Own Border - I've heard of it because it was formed not far from where I live. But it's a new-ish regiment - it was formed as part of the army amalgamations following WW2. Anyway, just a guess. Please let us know if you find out more.



    1. Many thanks for the info Martyn. I was getting nowhere with this one. I've had a good luck around with the help of google and found some info on the Kings Own Borderers, but can't find the actual shoulder badge Kings Own Border 'KOB'. Did find a lot of similar badges saying 'KOSB' meaning Kings Own Scottish Borderers. Certainly looks like the right direction and I will work on it.
      Thanks again.