D.D.DAY - Detecting Disaster Day.

What can I say but for today was the worst detecting day find wise I've ever experienced. Nothing to show for the 50 mile round club dig, no buckles, no buttons, not even a grotty coin, nothing you hear me,,,NOTHING.
Lol, I suppose everyone experiences this some time or other. But at the end of the day it was great to be out with a great bunch of other like minded people and hats off to the chap who's permission it was for letting us on there. It was just that I had picked the wrong spot.

Last night there were 9 fields for us, 3 pasture and 6 that had recently been ploughed and seeded with corn but the farmer said he don't mind us detecting on them at this stage.

When we arrived the seeded fields were a perfect sight, totally flat and very inviting. It was then we were told that the farmer had changed his mind and that he doesn't want anyone on them because of some rain last night,,, bummer we thought, oh well, one has to respect the farmers wishes, we still had 3 pasture fields we could go on. We all set off for the furthest field a short drive away, but on the way half of us got separated. One hour later we found them but they were just leaving saying its no good here so we went back to where we were originary.

We finally got detecting but soon found out it was hopeless because the ground was so badly mineralized. You could sweep your coil anywhere in the field and it showed nothing there, yet dig a hole and put your pro-pointer in and it sounded off. Any targets would have been masked so most of them left this field and headed for the last field that we were allowed in. I stayed where I was, already wasted an hour and a half detecting time so with a few others we gave this mineralized field a go. Noone found anything as far as I know on this field. Myself, I never had one good target to have a pop at, was just rubbish signals I knew wasn't anything but as signals were few and far between I dug them anyway. You can see the junk I was finding in the picture above.

Reports from the other field most went off to was that a hammered coin was found. My nephew did find a nice buckle there but that was all.
Oh well, one thing I did get out of today was just how bad a badly mineralized field can effect your finds rate.

This picture shows 2 of the ploughed and rolled fields we thought we were going on, the other 4 looked exactly the same,,, maybe next time.

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  1. Ouch, tough going. Ah we'll onwards and upwards!