The Sweetman Hoard.

WOW....What a row kicked off regarding the 'Sweetman Hoard'. If your wondering what is the Sweetman Hoard you can read about it here.

To be honest I can't help feeling sorry for the finders because of all the flack they are getting from a minority of people, and can't help thinking what I would have done, or even what most of us would have done differently as to how they handled the hoard. Its all very well sat back now and reflect on what they should have done,  but at the time of its discovery its hard to imagine as a metal detectorist the excitement as these valuable pieces were coming to light. At the end of the day the right thing was done and the objects were reported. But come on, put yourself in their shoes, on seeing that first find of a saxon pin, and then finding a saxon brooch your instincts would be to search further for other finds. Thoughts of a hoard may be in the back of your mind but as regards to stopping and thinking I shouldn't be doing this and should stop is overridden by thoughts of wow, excitement, party in my pants time, etc.
In my eyes they did what most of us would have done in the same situation.

All we can do now is reflect on what lessons can be learn't from this experience and reading around on different reports about this hoard there are plenty of 'should have done this' or 'should have done that' flying around. So only good can come from it.
As for the lads who discovered the hoard,  well done, an excellent find to be shared with the world.


  1. I agree....the alternative to not finding it would have been.....? I congratulate them....job well done.

  2. Mr Stout, Ever read the Treasure Act Code of Practice? There is one you know, and what does it say? So what, ignore it and claim your reward? Now what's this about this "mound" he says on the forum dug into, a hole a metre across and "twenty inches" (half a metre) deep in pursuit of a deep signal? Couldn't be a BARROW by any chance could it, you know, upstanding earthwork, archaeological site type barrow? Certainly its not in "ploughsoil" is it? (That much was seen in the archaeological excavation where the finders had removed all the archaeological feature they were lying in). The site is not actually under plough anyway, is it? Mr Stout, some fundamental elements of the Code of Practice of Responsible Detecting (the one agreed with the other parties, not the NCMD one) were totally ignored.

    Why are you both calling it a "hoard"? Is that deliberate?

    Can you both explain this philosophy of archaeological site conservation that says "the alternative to not finding it would have been.....? I congratulate them....job well done". Does that apply to rhinos and whales too, "lost" where "nobody sees them", bit surfacing due to the actions of hunters? If you have any poroblems understanding what the word "archaeologica site preservation" mean, I am sure the Kent FLO will explain it to you. Let us know what she said.

    In the meantime, let's hear it for the black rhino hunters from the artefact hunters of the world, also exploiting a finite resource, yay!!

    1. Hi there Mr Barford, Can I just say I call it a hoard because,,,, well, what is it if it isn't called a hoard. Somehow I always thought that a group of objects or artifacts buried together was a hoard, don't they have hoards in grave sites, (if it is a grave site).
      As for the philosophy of archaeological site conservation that says "the alternative to not finding it would have been.....? I congratulate them....job well done", all I can say is what a lot are saying, if it wasn't found, it didn't exist.

      Now as for the black rhino hunters, what!!!!, do you want me to take on all the worlds problems, sorry, I have not got the time for that plus I have my own problems on my own doorstep to worry about. Hence why I metal detect as a hobby, frees up my mind and all that.

      I know these short answers are not what you wanted, As you can see, I'm not much of a debater. I put it down to my Secondary School education, mind you, saying that some school mates in my class have done very well in their chosen professions. My mate Stan from fourth year is now a cleaning supervisor at a local factory, well done Stan. So maybe its down to my mother dropping me on my head as a baby, who knows.

      As in all areas of life too much time is spent on debating and life is so short. Just think, in a few years none of this will matter to any of us. So why go through life getting stressed debating the small details which eventually rears off in all directions and masks the overall main issue and nothing gets done. Unless, this is your 'thing', and you enjoy and thrive on it.
      May I suggest a hobby, metal detecting, now there's a hobby. Gets you out in the fresh air, exercise...and helps to clear one's mind.
      Good luck in what ever you decide to choose.

  3. Janner don't let Mr. Barford infect your blog. He's not even liked by his own...