Beach Still Giving.

Yes, back to local beach metal detecting again today. Just as well take advantage of the conditions after the recent storms. This time I had my nephew as company, he was using his Deus and did well. We both kicked off on the same area where I found 84 coins yesterday and it wasn't long before the coins started popping up again. I didn't find as many coins as yesterday but did end up with some silver and managed to winkle out 25 coins. This time I spent most of the day down at the low water mark searching in amongst the rocks hoping to find a ring or two. Well, no rings but did find two silver pendants as shown in the photo, plus a silver shilling. So was a nice change to find some silver.

The settings I used yesterday I kept to today. Was a bit noisy but soon as you were over a target the signal was unmissable. I noticed my nephew had disappeared around the corner into another small bay which I didn't try yesterday. I remained where I was as I was finding stuff. After a couple of hours he reappeared and showed me his finds while we had a coffee. WOW...his bag was bulging. he emptied it out and had a large haul of coins, 88 in total, and some nice other stuff in amongst them. Photos of his finds below.

All together he found 88 coins which included a Mary Queen of Scots token, 3x silver sixpences, 1x silver threepence, 1x silver shilling. Also pictured he found half a gold ring, a broken silver ring and a couple of silver spoons.

Between us we had found a nice lot of silver and with a bit of gold thrown in, but the find of the day has to be his Mary Queen of Scots token, an excellent find.

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