Beach metal detecting coin fest.

Today I had no intention of going metal detecting as it is my daughter's birthday and I knew she was paying us a visit. When my wife told me she won't be out till around 3pm I looked at my watch, it said 10am. I then thought about the heavy storm we had last night and then thought of how the local beach might look like today. It was no good, I just had to try my luck again so promised my wife I'd only detect up to 3pm and then will come home. You better she said... bless her. So by the time I packed my gear and arrived on the beach it was 11am, so a good 4 hours detecting. The weather was great, just an odd shower but mostly cloud and sunshine. I didn't go on the beach I normally do because just around the corner is another small cove and headed for there for a change. As I passed the beach I normally go on I could see it was well stripped of sand, but thought, that don't mean nothing as I tried there the other day with not a good result. On reaching the top of the cliff of this small cove I was going to I looked down and was greeted with a sea of white foam. The froth covered the entire beach, Looked like a foot of snow had fallen overnight. I took the photo showing it as soon as I got down onto the beach which I was glad I did because once that sun got up it all quickly evaporated. I could see then that the beach was completely stripped of sand. Never seen it like this before and I thought then I could be in for a field day.

I started detecting and my first three signals were all coins. I seemed to be digging the whole 4 hours, signal after signal. A lot of trash as usual, some fishing weights, forks and spoons, and a host of weird objects. In total I found 84 coins. A lot of decimal and a lot of pre-decimal pennies, halfpennies, couple of shillings and sixpences. Trouble was every coin was in a bad way, all worn by their time in the sea. A lot of them I just can't identify they are that bad. I thought my chances of finding a ring or two was high but it never happened. really it turned into a coin shoot and I was going for the most coins I had ever found on a session, and 84 coins turned out a record for me.
Settings I kept to ground balance 6, Iron Disc 10, iron off and in mineral 3. I was able to keep the sensitivity well up on 9-10
Really enjoyed myself even tho there wasn't a 'keeper' amongst all of them. Still, they all go in a bucket with the others and once full, I'll decide what to do with them.

After the froth had gone you could see the beach had been totally stripped of sand leaving just stones and bedrock. The bedrock just in the distance was standing about 4-5 foot high in places, this is normally covered in sand.


  1. That's a lot of coins janner. Bet your backs sore after digging all them


  2. Yup Andy, but it wasn't till i got home that I felt it. The worse part was walking back up the steep steps from the beach to the car park on top of the cliff, 'ell, my legs felt like lead when i reached the top. Still, all good exercise.