Out this morning for 3 hours.

As I'm a bit more experienced with my Velox One and feel more confident, this morning I went out to a small wooded area I have done to death as they say. Its close to my house and I only had a 3 hour window to get some detecting in. So I thought this site was ideal as its full of trash and my plan was to note what settings I was using and to take it very slow and to see if i could winkle anymore from this plot, not that I had found much before.
Anyway, on arriving I had my Velox set to the instruction book settings before switching on. I turned the Velox on, and set about ground balancing. After a bit of pumping and swinging I managed to silence it at 5. I then started detecting and had to turn the sensitivity down one notch to 9. I didn't change any other settings, it was running as I like it, quiet with only a few spits and pops. Also, because I was on 9 sensitivity I was getting false readings when I hit the ground with the coil, but that was a small price to pay. For the full 3 hours I was detecting on these settings:
Sensitivity 9
Iron Disc FS

Ground Balance 5
Iron Off
Signal Audio 1
I didn't use any of the Modes, just had the machine 'On'.

In amongst the trash I did hear medium iron spitting and popping, and large iron did get through as usual, but in amongst it all I did dig some finds. I tried it with the iron 'on', but found it to noisy and it was easier with the iron 'off'.
I didn't expect to find much and what I did find I was pleased with. What I need are some good sites to see what the Velox can really do. Above top photo are my finds today, some buttons and decimal coins, a buckle and a horse boss.

I really like this large bit of lead with the indents in, I'm sure its a palm guard, I took the photo of it on its own. The rest were some buttons and decimal coins, a buckle and a horse boss.

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